1000 Kg High capacity crane electric lift/lower single speed

Max Capacity

1.000 Kg

Max Overhang

2.000 mm



Max Heigth

3.030 mm




Max Capacity (Kg)




Max Overhang (mm)


Max Height (mm)


Frontal footprint (mm)



Electric with single speed


Electric with single speed


Manual 4 positions


The use of mini cranes, especially the ones equipped with a progressive speed control, lead to a better accuracy when positioning a load or a component that must be handled with care such as molds, engines, etc.


The main goal of ergonomics is to develop and apply the man adaptation techniques to their work and efficient and safe ways in order to optimize the well-being and thus increasing productivity. The implementation of our mobile cranes helps our customers to achieve objective results by carrying out operations with the best ergonomics conditions and by using the most appropriate equipment.


Because every mini crane model is ready to use and requires  no installation, Flexlifting mini cranes can easily be relocated from one  site to another location. The machine can be transported with a truck and does not require great human power. The benefit of high return on investment makes mini cranes favorable option for many companies.

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The portable crane lifting solution model GZ1000B is part of a complete range of counterbalanced cranes with manual traction, , with a maximum capacity up to 1.000 kg and outreach up to 2.000 mm. Hydraulic lever controlled fast lift double action pump or electric controlled. They represent the most cost-effective and flexible solution for lifting and transporting loads in several applications such as machining centers and machine tools, delivery to assembly lines, assembly operations, goods handling. Thanks to their minimum frontal footprint of just 800mm they can be moved in narrow lanes and spaces and are easily maneuverable even at full load without efforts. All components are made in Italy to ensure the highest construction quality and the absence of defects. The hydraulic system is equipped with a lock valve that prevents the load from falling in case of accidental breakage of the pipes and a rough valve that prevents overloading of the crane. The tiller arm of this portable crane lifting solution is equipped with gas spring and double wheels Ø 200 mm with ball bearings and braking system; 2 fixed front wheels Ø 250 mm with bearings to make it easy to move. The frame is made of painted steel and is equipped at the base with 2 useful forklift supports to lift and transport the crane safely on long distances. 360 ° swivel hook type. Model GZ1000B, portable crane lifting solution, is equipped with a single speed lift/lower system controlled by pendant push button with emergency stop. Built-in high-frequency charger. Charge level indicator. Battery 12V 80A. The arm is extendable in 4 positions and an optional arm extension is available to get a maximum outreach of 2000 mm. This crane is a useful lifting solution to increase safety at the workplace and avoid injuries caused by manual handling of loads.

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