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Ergonomic solutions in anti-corrosion AISI steel contamination resistant.


Crane with capacity up to 2000Kg for heavy use for lifting coils.


Rotating column crane for car assembly and for offline recovery.


Counterbalanced mobile cranes for plant maintenance.


Portable cranes with telescopic jib arm for managing the picking list and bulk materials picking process.


Plastic injection molding.


Construction industry

Swivel cranes with foldable mast and removable weights.


Tire production

A full electric crane with integrated support for mold picking.

Lavorazioni meccaniche CNC

CNC-Machine tools installation

Mobile cranes and lifting systems for setting up and changing tools and molds on CNC machines

Flex Lifting offers an interesting portfolio of lifting solutions, represented by a wide range of self-propelled mini cranes with manual push/pull or electric powered drive that are used in a variety of industries. Our lifting equipment are ergonomic, safe and immediately ready to use solutions that do not require the installation of lateral stabilizers thanks to the integrated ballast system.

Flex Lifting counterbalanced cranes are distinguished by their exceptional performance, safety and reliability and help improve productivity and are especially appreciated for their outreach capacity.


Flex Lifting stands for :

  • counterbalanced swivel cranes for handling and lifting of frames
  • counterbalanced lifting equipment for industrial plants
  • workshop cranes for handling boilers, steam generators, tanks
  • cantilver mini cranes for metal carpentry and lifting of parapets, metal roofing, stairs and walkways
  • counterbalanced lifting solutions for test benches, test rooms, prototypes and handling of test equipment
  • pick & carry cranes for warehouses and manufacturing industries
  • mobile lifters for motors, gearboxes and axles
  • battery powered mobile cranes for lifting auto parts
  • mobile floor cranes to move electrical panels and electrical equipment and rheostats
  • battery operated floor cranes to lift metal sheet, electro-welded mesh and steel products
  • mobile jib crane for handling turbines
  • mold lifting equipment to lift molds and mold holders
  • industrial lifting solutions for tires handling
  • lifting equipment small cranes for changing molds on injection presses and plastic molding systems
  • electric vehicles for lifting loads such as ferrous materials, steel pipes and plates
  • lifting and handling solutions for industrial applications
  • material lifting machines for the railway industry and handling of sleepers and tracks
  • portable cranes for building and construction sites
  • ergonomic mobile lifters for the nautical sector
  • hydraulic counterbalanced cranes for handling household appliances
  • electric powered cranes to lift components in assembly lines
  • heavy duty cranes to lift reels
  • cantilver small cranes for lifting big bags
  • manual cranes for handling sheets and coils
  • hoist and lifting equipment for window profiles
  • pick and carry electric cranes for distribution centers and warehouses for handling cartons, boxes and packaging
  • portable lifters for batteries and handling of generators, accumulators and lifting of motor pumps
  • industrial lifters to handle various types of drums and containers
  • hoist lifting machines to handle granite and marble
  • lifting systems for handling and installing glass panels and windows
  • material handling and lifting solutions for maintenance work on agricultural machinery
  • counterbalalanced floor lifters for tooling of machining centers and CNC machinery
  • lifting vehicles and equipment for construction sites
  • lifting machines and cranes for handling and lifting heavy loads
  • industrial lifting systems to facilitate the lifting of loads of any type and size