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Irritec was founded in 1974 in Capo d’Orlando, in the province of Messina, as a manufacturer of PVC roller shutters. However, in the eighties, Carmelo, the son of the founder Rosario Giuffrè, realized that the microirrigation practices spread in the Middle Eastern countries, in the United States and in Arabia, are arriving in Italy and represent, for Irritec, an opportunity for development from seize on the fly. This is how Irritec, to meet the national need to adopt new systems for agricultural and residential irrigation, expands its offer with the production of various lines of pipes for agriculture and construction. The happy intuition bears fruit in the Nineties, when the true rise of the company begins. Today Irritec distributes its products in over 140 countries in the world, has more than 700 employees and production facilities in Italy, Spain, United States, Mexico, Chile and Brazil, as well as strategic deposits in Algeria, Germany and Bologna. In 40 years Irritec has grown steadily, maintaining solid foundations and always looking for important innovations in the field of irrigation.

Irritec has chosen to buy a Flex Lifting swivel crane model 01M5 for its factory located in Capo d’Orlando. We meet Calogero Favazzi, head of the Irritec workshop.

How is your workshop organized?

“Our workshop is equipped with 5 wire and plunge electroerosions, 3 4-axis control lathes, 3 3, 4 and 5-axis continuous machining centers, tangential grinding, shaft grinding, laser welding, laser marking, sharpening machine 4 CNC axes and other machines. The workshop department has 16 operators and molds and production lines are created for the company itself “.

How did you get to know the Flex Lifting cantilever cranes?

“A simple internet search brought us to the knowledge of the Flex Lifting cranes, after consulting the models on the web we contacted the company”.

Which tasks is the model you purchased from us used for?

“The cantilever mobile crane is mainly used for loading and unloading some plates or equipment from various machine tools”.

From a business point of view, how was the relationship with Flex Lifting?

“The relationship was excellent and they were replying very fast, this is exactly what we expect from our suppliers to keep the company efficiency high and work with satisfaction”.

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