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Counterbalanced mobile cranes for plant maintenance.

Flex Lifting cantilever cranes are used by the chemical industries for the maintenance of machinery such as mixers, extruders, agitators and dispersers.

These systems require frequent maintenance to maintain process integrity and it is necessary to extract various parts positioned in areas not accessible by stationary lifting equipment such as overhead cranes or floor mounted jib cranes.

The mobile cranes FLEX F1000SB and ATLAS 1TE3R , thanks to their lifting height capacity of over 4 meters and the overhang up to 3 meters, can reach very easily the point of operation and lift components such as motors, mixer covers, stirrer blades, cylinders, reducers and hoppers, even in presence of perimeter protections.

Once the components have been picked up, the operator can bring them to the maintenance department without any risk and in total safety.