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CNC-Machine tools installation

CNC machining centers and machinery for precision mechanical machining are present in many manufacturing companies, in particular industrial turning, mechanical turning and all those companies specialized in mechanical machining which include fusion, forging, rolling, stamping, EDM, extrusion, cold working with chip export and sintering.

The components, molds and tools that are used together with this machine are often heavy and need to be picked and positioned reliably, safely and with the utmost precision. The mobile cantilever cranes proposed by Flex Lifting represent the ideal lifting equipment to guarantee the handling of these components and their installation on CNC machining centres.

Thanks to their counterweighted design and the free overhang of the lifting arm, our cranes allow you to pick up or position tools, molds and components even in the presence of perimeter protections. Their counterbalanced design, which eliminates the use of front or side stabilizers, allows the operator to bring our lifting solutions closer to the machinery and get an incredible overhang by extending the crane arm.

The flexibility of all our mini cranes and lifting equipment, especially in terms of compactness, height and width, allows you to maneuver Flex Lifting mini cranes even in tight spaces.


Mini gru 01M5 contrappesata 500 kg soluzioni di sollevamento mobili by Flex Lifting         Apparecchiature di sollevamento gru contrappesata modello Orbit 200