Welding process of the lighting columns by Campion performed easier thanks to a customized Flex Lifting cantilever crane

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We are in the sixties, in Fratta Polesine, in the province of Rovigo. The brothers Adriano and Otello Campion work in the carpentry of their father, Dino Campion. It is almost by chance that they begin to create the first lighting columns, following a request received from the mayor of the city, which must be used to illuminate the avenue leading to the local train station. These are the years of the economic boom, cars and roads multiply and from what seemed like a sporadic job, the two brothers give birth to a business that will take them very far. After a few years, this production line, the result of the creativity and ingenuity of the two young people, is transformed into a real company. Today Pali Campion is an industrial company that covers an area of 50,000 square meters, state-of-the-art equipment is used and the products are exported all over the world. The company has ISO14001 certification for the environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 certification for the health and safety of workers.

“Today we design, manufacture and market monotubular steel poles and towers and accessories for lighting, street furniture, energy transport, telecommunications and signage – explains Antonella Katia Campion, plant manager of Pali Campion -. Within our company we are able to combine the standard production industrial processes with the attention to detail that is the prerogative of craftsmanship “.

Starting a few months ago, the welding phase of some poles is carried out thanks to a Flex Lifting counterbalanced mobile crane customized specifically for our company.

“Product customization is one of our strengths – explains Marco Marabini, Sales and Marketing Director of Flex Lifting -, our collaboration with manufacturers of hanging welders is a great example. In the specific case of Pali Campion, we were able to integrate the electrical control unit, the cooling system and the spot welder into one of our counterbalanced swivel cranes (model 01M5).”

“We usually used overhead cranes, but certain areas were not reachable and so we needed to have a mobile lifting equipment – continues Antonella Katia Campion-, the solution proposed by Flex Lifting is exactly what we were looking for, the flexibility in the movements of the spot welder make it possible for our operator to work quickly, precisely and ergonomically. Previously the spot welder was mounted on a fixed hoist and could not reach all parts of the lighting column “.
The workshop mobile crane 01M5 is capable of lifting and carrying loads up to 500 kg and is equipped with a 360° slewing arm and high capacity wheels that make it possible to maneuver it with ease. The 01M5 mobile mini crane is equipped with a lever controlled fast and lightweight lift double action pump and a control descent knob that make it possible to adjust the descent speed. The arm is extendable in 4 positions.

“The 01M5, like all our models, complies with all worker safety standards – concludes Marabini – and does not require any certification or qualification for the operator. The customization made for Pali Campion is representative of the large number of special configurations that we can offer to meet the needs of our customers, at competitive costs and with tangible results in terms of effectiveness and efficiency”.


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